XRF (2022)
XRF (2022)
XRF (2022)
XRF (2022)
XRF (2022)
XRF (2022)
XRF (2022)
XRF (2022)

XRF (2022)

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Note: This is a PREORDER. Products will start shipping in February 2023.

The Noxary XRF is a premium housing replacement for the Realforce "R1", a TKL keyboard designed & produced by Topre. The included custom daughterboard features a USB C port, allowing you to connect your own cable. This is compatible with the 86U, 87U, 88U, and 89U, however the Winkeyless option will require full disassembly to remove two housings on the bottom row.


  • Compatible with Realforce "R1" Internals
  • Seamless Case Design
  • Top Mounted Plate
  • 6° Base Angle
  • 17mm Front Height
  • Aluminum: ~2140g Housing / ~2880g Built
  • Polycarbonate: ~900g Housing / ~1640g Built
  • USB C Daughterboard
  • Winkey or Winkeyless


  • Hyper Red (Aluminum)
  • Lightning Silver (Aluminum)
  • Meteorite Gray (Aluminum)
  • Frost White (Polycarbonate)
  • Unfinished (Aluminum)*


  • 1 x Top
  • 1 x Bottom
  • 1 x Daughterboard PCB
  • 1 x JST to JST Cable
  • 4 x M3 Hex Screws
  • 12 x M2 Hex Screws
  • 4 x Custom Rubber Feet

Preorder Information:

  • Starts April 10th at 1PM EDT
  • Closes April 17th
  • 6 Month Lead Time
  • Unlimited Aluminum Units, 15 Frost White Units Available

XRF Change Log:

  • 2019 > 2021 (GC): Updated Bumpons to Custom Rubber Feet
  • 2021 (GC) > 2022: Updated top fillet from 3.00mm to 4.50mm


  • This housing fits most Realforce "R1" models (86U, 87U, 88U, 89U), however it's known that older 91U models are not compatible. Anything manufactured after 2007 should work.
  • Renders are for illustrative purposes only and final colors may differ. Please see this album for real-life colors: https://imgur.com/a/DXriPLI
  • This product only includes the contents listed above. Keycaps, Housings, PCBs, Domes, Springs, and Stabilizers are for demonstrative purposes only and are not included with this product.
  • The lead time for this preorder is an estimation and delivery may take longer.
  • * The Unfinished (Aluminum) option is what it says - the standard Quality Guarantee is not applicable. This option is to allow easier aftermarket customization, and isn't recommended for the casual buyer.