XRF (2021)
XRF (2021)
XRF (2021)
XRF (2021)
XRF (2021)

XRF (2021)

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Note: This is a GROUP BUY - MOQ is required MOQ Met! Products will be manufactured first, then shipped to you.

The Noxary XRF is a premium case replacement for the Realforce R1, a TKL keyboard designed & produced by Topre. The included custom daughterboard features a USB C port, allowing you to connect your own cable. This is compatible with the 86U, 87U, 88U, and 89U - the Winkeyless option will require full disassembly to remove two housings on the bottom row.


  • Compatible with Realforce R1 Internals
  • Seamless Case Design
  • Top Mounted Plate
  • 6° Base Angle
  • 17mm Front Height
  • ~2140g Kit Weight / ~2880g Built
  • USB C Daughterboard


  • Lightning Silver - Winkey
  • Lightning Silver - Winkeyless


  • 1 x Top (Aluminum)
  • 1 x Base (Aluminum)
  • 1 x Daughterboard PCB
  • 1 x JST to JST Cable
  • 4 x M3 Hex Screws
  • 12 x M2 Hex Screws
  • 4 x Custom Rubber Feet

Group Buy Information:

  • MOQ of 26 MOQ Met!
  • Starts March 12th
  • Closes March 19th
  • Shipping in 6-8 Months


  • There will be no price drops.
  • Renders are for illustrative purposes only and final colors may differ.
  • This product only includes the contents listed above. Keycaps, Housings, PCBs, Domes, Springs, and Stabilizers are for demonstrative purposes only and are not included with this product.