Evija (2020)
Evija (2020)
Evija (2020)
Evija (2020)
Evija (2020)
Evija (2020)
Evija (2020)
Evija (2020)

Evija (2020)

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Note: This is a PREORDER. Products will be manufactured first, then shipped to you.

Evija is a new case for the Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional 2. Utilizing the same construction method as a Realforce, Evija combines the best of both to create a new segment of Topre keyboards.

Extra parts can be purchased here: https://noxary.co/products/evija-parts-extra


  • Seamless Case Design
  • Top Mount Plate
  • 8° Base Angle
  • 19.5mm Front Height
  • ~1060g Kit Weight / ~1375g Built (Aluminum)
  • HHKB Layout


  • 1 x Top (Aluminum or Polycarbonate)
  • 1 x Base (Aluminum or Polycarbonate)
  • 1 x Plate (Aluminum or Brass or Polycarbonate)
  • 2 x M3 Hex Screws
  • 21 x M2 Hex Screws
  • 4 x Custom Rubber Feet

Preorder Information:

  • Starts July 31st @ 1PM EDT
  • 40 Aluminum/10 Polycarbonate Units Available


  • Renders are for illustrative purposes only and final colors may differ.
  • This product only includes the contents listed above. Keycaps, Housings, PCBs, Domes, Springs, and Stabilizers are for demonstrative purposes only and are not included with this product.