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Before soldering, please make sure your QMK Flasher & VIA are up to date. Flash your PCB, and confirm all the keys function. Defective PCBs cannot be exchanged/returned if they have been soldered.

The Valhalla PCBs require a simple bridge in order to function fully. BOOT0 and GND need to be joined during the soldering process. This fix is as easy as soldering the pins for MX switches. The image below shows a fixed PCB - BOOT0 and GND are located on the rear of the PCB, by left control. You can use a small piece of wire (with or without insulation), or just add solder to both thru-pads, then add solder between.

The firmware can be found here: (scroll down to noxary_valhalla_via.bin).

Technical detail: Pressing the reset button puts the PCB into DFU mode, however when BOOT0 is in a high voltage state, this circuit doesn't function. BOOT0 needs to be connected to GND, so that it can be at 0V. Once bridged, this circuit functions as expected.

Blue Gray / Biscay Blue

Blue Gray buyers have received an email outlining steps moving forward. Blue Gray reproduction unit updates will be emailed to those waiting, and updates will also be posted here.

All store credit emails have been sent to those that've replied. Please remember to check your spam before contacting Noxary if you haven't received the email.

Missing Daughterboards

A mistake during fulfillment meant only one daughterboard (and cable) was provided per KIT, rather than per PCB. If you'd like to receive the extra set(s), please reply to your order confirmation email mentioning the daughterboards.

12/04 Update: These have now been dispatched via untracked bubble mailer. If you haven't recieved these by mid-December, please contact

Extra Parts

Spare plates & PCBs will eventually be sold, however Noxary is currently focusing on fulfilling other preorders. This will be announced with plenty of warning.

Plate Files

Valhalla (2020)

Screw Sizes

Top piece to base - T6 Torx M2 x 6mm // Daughterboard to base - T6 Torx M2 x 4mm

The use of Torx screws is heavily recommended, as a stripped Hex screw would be incredibly difficult to extract.

Please note, due to supply issues, some kits use 5mm in place of 6mm. This presents no issue, and there is plenty of thread engagement.

Page last updated: 12/04/2022