Noxary boards generally use a specific naming structure to keep them all identifiable at a glance, however this structure has to be learnt first. Form factors are often in the name in number form, and letters may follow to denote something is unique about it.

  • First 3 Characters = Series then Form Factor
  • Year = Denotes year of release
  • FE, CE, AG, S, HG, etc. = Special versions
  • e.g. 380 (2022) = Series 3 80%, released in 2022

SERIES 1 (2016)

X60 V1

Series 1 features one board - X60 V1 - Xondat 60% Version 1. There are 4 versions of X60 V1 - Founders Edition (30 units), Carbon Edition (10), Color Edition (6), and the Standard units (60).

SERIES 2 (2017-2019)

268, 280, 220, 268.2

Series 2 features four boards, which are top mounted plates with a large brass through weight. 268 is the first in this series, which is a 65%, the default layout having 68 keys. Following this, 280 & 220 were the TKL (80%) and numpad (20%) variants. With lessons learnt from these four boards, 268 was heavily revised - this is 268.2.

SERIES 3 (2020-)

Valhalla [36E], 378, X60 V2 [360], 380

Series 3 is the next generation of Noxary boards. These use lessons developed from Special Projects such as Vulcan. They will feature DUAL V2 Mount, no visible screws, and a seamless case design, creating an extremely clean aesthetic. Valhalla started life as Special Project 005 before Series 3 existed.


XRF, Evija HG, Evija

Using Topre switches instead of MX. XRF stands for Xondat Real Force, whilst Evija was developed as a Special Project, thus is named after a British sports car.


Special Projects are testing experimental designs, and are not based on pre-existing designs. Internally, they are referred to with 3 digits, starting with 001. Special Projects that get released use British sports cars for their names.

  • 003 - Vulcan - DUAL V1 Mount, screwless exterior
  • 004 - Evija - HHKB based custom
  • 005 - Ergo 65% layout seen in Valhalla
  • 006 - Vulcan Pro - Successor to Vulcan using lessons learnt


X60 V1, X60 R, X65, X60 V2

X Projects all feature the same aesthetic - thicker bezels with small chamfers and less rounded corners, along with a hefty through weight. These boards are based on pre-existing boards, and then modified.

  • X60 V1 - part of Series 1
  • X60 R - based on 260, part of Series 2
  • X65 - based on 268.2, part of Series 2
  • X60 V2 - based on 360, part of Series 3


Sometimes projects don't fit in anywhere, and these are named with no specific structure. T60 is simply a Tray mount 60%. 5mm Polycarbonate Tray Mount Plate is exactly what it says it is.