Buyers Guide


All Noxary preorders are now unlimited in the first 15 minutes to allow everyone that wants one to purchase a kit. After this 15 minute window, if the kits sold is higher than the cap, it'll close. If orders have not reached the cap, it'll remain open until it's hit.

In Stock

Releases for in-stock are First Come First Serve, available at 1PM Eastern on the announced date.

The site will be locked 30 minutes before release, so please do not be surprised by this. 5 minutes before release, if applicable, the site will be unlocked to allow customers to add accessories such as PCBs and plates to their cart - this means customers wanting accessories are not disadvantaged when it comes to checking out.

At 1PM, the main product will become available, allowing everyone to add to cart at the same time. This ensures all customers have a fair chance at purchasing what they want.