378 is the second installment in Series 3 of Noxary design. Featuring DUAL V2 Mount, Noxary LEDGE, no visible screws, seamless case design, and now, a new rear curve.


The design is classic Noxary from the top, which keeps the rounded edges with slim but balanced bezels. The underside now features a subtle curve, carefully designed to create a signature aesthetic. DUAL V2 Mount is designed not only to produce a unique typing experience, but also to hide any screws on the outside. The Noxary Ledge on the interior keeps the front height incredibly low, making the design integrate perfectly with any desk.


The layout is a 65% with 2 columns on the left, known as a 65+10 or 78-key, or more recently an XT layout. The traditional options of full or split Backspace, and regular or stepped Caps Lock remain, whilst the bottom row is fixed Tsangan. The PCB is fully programmable on the fly using VIA.


The Noxary DUAL V2 Mount uses custom o-ring shaped strips to keep the plate isolated. They sit both above and below the plate, around the perimeter, to perfectly emulate two large diameter o-rings. The unique shape of the strips enable precise control over plate movement, creating a unique sound & feel.


378 also features a PCB designed by Gondolindrim. A USB-C daughterboard is located in the center on the rear, low to the desk. To provide the best overall typing experience, the switches must be soldered. This ensures the switches work coherently with the plate & PCB, eliminating unwanted rattles or vibrations.


Specification Base Angle
Front Height 15.5mm
Width 356mm
Depth 112mm
Kit Weight 1110g (2lb 7oz)*
Options Anodizing Colors Hyper Red
Lightning Silver
Meteorite Gray
Plates Brass - 1.5mm Sandblasted & Clear Coated
5mm Polycarbonate - Frosted White

* With Brass plate. Weights are approximate.