The 268.2 is a traditional top mount keyboard with a large rear weight, and a clean side profile. The 8° base angle combined with the low front height make for an easy & satisfying typing experience, whilst the 4 different plates ensure anyone can get the sound & feel they want.


Originally planned to run in Aluminum, a Polycarbonate prototype was made, and with 3 subsequent rounds, the rest is history. The case is CNC-machined Polycarbonate, which is then media-blasted & colored from white if chosen. This distinctive look perfectly shows off all the internal components, and shows off the construction of the case, including the Noxary LEDGE. The polycarbonate creates a soft & rich sound signature, no matter which plate is chosen. Round 1 & 2 featured White & Pink finishes, and Round 3 saw the addition of Blue & Purple.


4 plates have been offered throughout the history of 268.2 -
1.5mm Polycarbonate, 5mm Polycarbonate, 1.5mm Brass, and 5mm Brass.

This range of plates offers something for everyone - whether a soft bottom out with more flex is preferred, or rigid plates which highlight switch feel. A 1.5mm Polycarbonate plate offers the most flexible typing experience, and the softest feeling when switches are fully depressed. Each step up decreases the flex & switch bottom out softness.


The design is unmistakably Noxary - a low front & clean side profile. The top mounted plate is a traditional choice for many keyboards, and offers a stable typing platform. A large brass weight is mounted in the bottom piece to add heft & alter the sound signature.


The bottom row has two options - 6.25u and 7u spacebars, with different sized modifiers. There is only the option for a split Right Shift. The traditional options of full or split Backspace, and regular or stepped Caps Lock remain. All plates & PCBs offer the same layout compatibility.


The two PCBs have been designed by Rozakiin. Switches must be soldered as this provides the best overall typing experience. The physical layout options have been kept to a minimum, and can be fully programmed through VIA firmware. The USB-C port is located between the Escape and 1 key, like traditional 60% keyboards. Both PCB versions support in-switch LEDs, and the White version has 16 RGB LEDs to provide underglow.


Dimensions Angle
Front Height 15mm
Width 314mm
Depth 108mm
Kit Weight 1670g (3lb 11oz)*
Built Weight 1870g (4lb 2oz)*
Editions Polycarbonate Pink (R1/2/3)
White (R1/2/3)
Blue (R3)
Purple (R3)
Options Plates 1.5mm Polycarbonate
5mm Polycarbonate
1.5mm Brass
5mm Brass
PCBs Red (No Underglow)
White (Underglow RGB LEDs)

* Featuring a 5mm Brass plate. Weights are approximate.