Topre Kits Moving Forward

With Evija & the XRF Group Commission wrapping up the past week, it feels like we're at a crossroads. The designs are extremely well-received, and there is clearly still demand for future runs, however there is the awkward truth to confront. Each design, in a single run, is unlikely to sell even 50 units. This ultimately means that compared to an MX based design, it doesn't make too much sense to invest a lot of time into it. I am very proud of both designs, especially Evija, which is why they haven't been completely discontinued from future runs. For now, they will live on, and continue to be produced.

For 2022, I will run each design once more, and see how things are after that. There will be a few notable differences compared to the regular style of preorders that Noxary does:

  • Variations will be kept to a low number, which means they'll be easier to produce, and quicker to be fulfilled
  • There will be genuine, but achieveable, MOQs for each preorder
  • Sales won't be heavily promoted by myself, which allows more focus on the larger projects

The Noxary Discord will still decide things like colors and materials, but generally, reducing the complexity will allow the designs to live on. XRF is likely to come first, but I currently have no strong preference.

Most importantly - when? At the earliest, once Valhalla has been completed, which is looking like February 2022. There will be appropriate updates in the Discord server when the time comes.