September Project Updates

268.2 Polycarbonate R3

The prototype underglow PCB is now done, and production should begin once Rozakiin receives the prototype and confirms it's working. There was a misunderstanding that production began early August, however this was just the prototype. Production usually takes 4-5 weeks for larger quantities of PCBs, so it's just a case of waiting for these to be completed. These will be shipped to Rozakiin for programming, then to Noxary for preorder fulfillment. Please note the prototype was accidentally produced in Red, and the production PCBs will be White as advertized.

Due to a mix up in the Pink and Purple numbers, there are 14 spare Pink boards, and more Purple boards will need to be ordered. All Purple buyers received an email early September as soon as this was figured out. All buyers opted to keep their color, so the excess Pink boards will be sold publicly early October to fund the new Purple boards. These will be fixed configurations, sold at retail price, via FCFS, for immediate fulfillment, on this store. The date & time will be announced on the Noxary Discord. The reproduction of purple boards is estimated to take 4-6 weeks once started.

280 / 220

Due to Royal Mail increasing their prices by 50%, the fulfillment for Batch 2 220s was delayed to try and find a better option. Unfortunately, there aren't any cheaper options. All of them will be packed, and ready to be labelled, then weight to get an accurate weight for each individual package. This will ensure no one overpays. Invoices will be sent once the packages are ready for the labels, which should happen this week.

Batch 3 is still in production, and should be complete in about 2 months.


Evija is still in production, and should be complete in about 2 months.


After receiving manufacturing feedback, and giving it a lot of thought, the mounting system in Valhalla will be upgraded to DUAL V2. This will feature several semi-circle strips in replacement of the o-rings. The new semi-circle strips are designed to exactly replicate the compression that'd occur with an o-ring, therefore providing the same typing experience. With o-rings, assembly was quite the annoying experience, so the change is a welcomed nice side effect.


Hiney paid for the daughterboard production on the 15th of September, with an estimate lead time of 4 weeks. The daughterboards were requested to be put into production the same time as case production started, however ESD support was suggested and taken - this ultimately took 4 months. Once the daughterboards have been received, the preorders will be fulfilled immediately.

9 White WK Polycarbonate units will be available for immediate fulfillment once the daughterboards arrive, please follow Discord & Instagram to find out when the sale date is announced.

XRF Round 2 & Realforce Replacement Plates

Whilst ordering the daughterboards, the decision to purchase extras for a potential Round 2 was made. There will be 50 XRF Round 2s available through a preorder via FCFS. There is currently no planned date to run this as Round 1 must be completed first, however a month or two after Round 1 is fulfilled is most likely. Sadly the price will go up compared to Round 1, however this increase is unknown due to not quoting production yet.

XRF Round 2 will NOT support R2 Realforce boards as the design is not changing. There are zero plans for XRF V2 which could support R2 Realforces. Want to see anything specific? Let me know in the Noxary Discord server.

Realforce replacement plates for the 86/87u will finally happen! The original prototype worked perfectly, however even with brass, it sagged. A new prototype plate will be produced to confirm the reinforcements changes work. This preorder will be ran along side XRF Round 2.