October Part 2 Project Updates

This is a part 2 to the previous October update as there are significant updates on the following projects.

New Pages

A couple new pages have been added to the Noxary site - Nomenclature & Resources.

268.2 Polycarbonate R3

The extra Pink boards will be collected on 10/28, Wednesday.

The payment for the new Purple cases has been submitted, and is estimated to take 6-8 weeks to be completed.

280 / 220

Batch 3 280s have finished production, whilst the 220s are about to start being anodized.

Batch 4 is scheduled for December through February production.


The Aluminum Evija parts are about to enter anodizing, whilst the Brass and Polycarbonate parts are being prepared for sandblasting.


The prototype has been received! Everything looks great.

The two visible screws by 2/3 and 0/- are going to be moved to be less visible. Currently they are barely visible when the board is being used, however it isn't a large job to get them more out of sight.

The DUAL V2 strips will be shipped for final fitment testing, then once this has been confirmed a date for the preorder will be announced.

As a final note, thinking about changing the Aluminum plate from Lightning Silver to Hyper Red, join the conversation on Discord in #valhalla!

XRF Round 1

The daughterboards have finished production and are in transit to Noxary. XRF should be 100% fulfilled by the end of November.

9 White Polycarbonate Winkey units will be available for immediate fulfillment once the daughterboards arrive, please follow Discord & Instagram to find out when the sale date is announced.

XRF Round 2

Information on pricing, colors, and availability will be announced when Round 1 is 100% fulfilled.