October Project Updates

268.2 Polycarbonate R3

The prototype underglow PCB has been confirmed to function as expected, and now the main production has begun. As noted last update, main production for PCBs usually takes 4-5 weeks, then they'll be sent to Rozakiin for QC/programming, then to Noxary for fulfillment.

The extra Pink boards have now been sold, and the funds from this will be used to put more Purple boards into production. The order is expected to be confirmed by the end of October, and an accurate lead time will be provided to the affected buyers once known.

280 / 220

Batch 3 is still in production, and should be complete in about a month.


Evija is still in production, and should be complete in about a month.


The prototype with the new mounting system, DUAL V2, is nearing completion, and is expected to be ready late October. Once the prototype has been received, a date for the preorder will be set.

There will be 75 units available, with 3 colors available, comprising of Blue Gray, Lightning Silver, and the new addition of Irish Green. Three different plates are on offer, including 5mm Polycarbonate.


The daughterboards are close to being finished, having passed a visual inspection a week ago.

9 White Polycarbonate Winkey units will be available for immediate fulfillment once the daughterboards arrive, please follow Discord & Instagram to find out when the sale date is announced.