November Project Updates

268.2 Polycarbonate R3

The RGB PCBs finished production last week, however they've been produced in Red, not White as ordered. Due to a miscommunication, the prototype was produced in Red (like the original non-RGB PCBs). It was communicated to us that the manufacturer had already ordered the Red solder mask to produce the production PCBs. We quickly had this fixed, and paid an extra fee to ensure the production PCBs were produced in the desired White color. Sadly despite paying extra, production went ahead as Red. The manufacturer accepts the PCBs should've been White, however we're still waiting to hear back what they're going to do.

The new Purple boards have begun production and are expected to take 4-6 weeks. As noted in an email to buyers of Purple boards, any that do encounter a delay due to the shortage will be compensated.

280 / 220

280/220 is currently being anodized. The Blue Gray turned out too light, so is being redone with more reference material. Hoping to hear how reanodizing turns out in a couple weeks.


Evija is in the final steps of anodizing for Jet Black & Lightning Silver. The Blue Gray boards are about to be anodized. There should be news in a couple of weeks on how much longer there is until manufacturing is completed.


The launch of Valhalla went extremely well, thank you everyone that joined. To those unsuccessful, the demand has effectively guaranteed a Round 2, which will most likely happen shortly after fulfillment is completed.


Fulfillment has now begun, with 60% of units to be shipped by the end of the month. Unfortunately the other 40% have a slight manufacturing error as the rear screws aren't tapped the full length, requiring 1mm shorter screws than standard. This doesn't impact any design or structural points, however it's important to be transparent with delays, especially so close to the end. New screws have arrived with a proxy and will be shipped shortly. These cases will be fulfilled as normal when the new screws arrive.

What's Next?

I've had a lot of questions on what will follow Valhalla, so it seems appropriate to address these in one place. Currently the primary goal is to finish the projects on hand (XRF Round 1, Vulcan Pro, and 268.2 Polycarbonate R3) along with projects arriving by the end of the year (280/220 Batch 3, and Evija). These are the most important things to be done in the immediate future. Pending no huge delays on anything, the next project will be announced early in the new year.