May Project Updates


Blue Gray & Lightning Silver units have been completed, and are currently being packed to be sent to us. Expecting to receive these in 2-3 weeks.

Unfortunately Irish Green has been returning inconsistent anodizing due to how dark the color is. Units are passing the factory's internal QC, but progress is slower than expected to meet the quantity ordered. No ETA has been provided due to the uncertain nature, however this should be clearer in a couple weeks, and an update will be provided in the June Project Updates.


Machining is still under way.

X60 V2

Nothing new to report, however it's worth mentioning that machining will begin once 378/XRF have passed this stage.

XRF (2022)

Machining has commenced, and accessories have been ordered. Thank you everyone for the hugely successful preorder, Topre is still going strong!

Timeline of 380 & Evija Pro

A lot of people have been asking when these are likely to available, so I wanted to quickly touch on this topic.

380 streamer samples have finished machining, and are moving to surface treatment next. Valhalla must be completely fulfilled before 380 promotions begin, so I suggest keeping track of that as a good indicator of when 380 will launch.

With Evija Pro, I have indicated Summer 2022 in the Discord server. I'd like to change that to late-Summer through Autumn. The updated design still needs to be prototyped at least once, and then further units need to be produced for promotion. As this project is still fairly early in its development, the best way to stay updated is to be in the Discord server.