May Project Updates


This fulfillment period is coming to an end, expected to be wrapped up by the end of May.

280 Batch 3 ➞ 220 Batch 3 / 268.2 Polycarbonate R3 ➞ Evija (currently being fulfilled)

268.2 Polycarbonate R3

Fulfillment is coming to an end wtih the large collection tomorrow which will see over 80% of orders completed. After this, B-stock kits will be sorted to create A-stock kits to finish the preorder.


Processing of the kits has begun and will move quickly from here. Expecting to finish fulfillment of the preorder by the end of the month.


The case samples arrived a couple weeks back and look great! Oziii Obsessions has been photographing it over the past week, and has produced some fantastic pictures.

Preorder details will be released imminently, make sure you're following Noxary on Instagram & in the Noxary Discord server to get news first.

XRF Group Commission

These moved straight into production once the preorder closed, and are expected to be complete in about 6 weeks.