March Project Updates


Not a huge update this month - fulfillment is still in progress for the following projects. There have been some delays with 280, as noted below, however the issue is resolved for now, so shipping will pick up in speed. The order for projects is as follows:

280 Batch 3 (currently being fulfilled) ➞ 220 Batch 3 ➞ 268.2 Polycarbonate R3 ➞ Evija

For those that've commissioned boards, these will be shipped at the same time as the relevant project, e.g. an Evija commission will ship the same time as the main Evija fulfillment.

268.2 Polycarbonate R3

Please refer to the "Fulfillment" part of the update above. Estimated fulfillment period: Mid April.

280 / 220

Please check this Geekhack link for more information on fulfillment. Fulfillment speed will now increase, hoping to be complete by mid-April now.

The Batch 4 production is now beginning, scheduled for 90 days.


Please refer to the "Fulfillment" part of the update above. Estimated fulfillment period: Late April.


I have been advised that due to a "production capacity overload", factory orders are expected to take longer than usual. The 7 months given for this project initially gave 2-3 extra months to allow for this, however with the previous batch taking an extra 2 months, and the current batch also taking longer, unfortunately I believe this project will be pushed back 1-2 months.

There will be further updates confirming the exact delay length, however right now I can only advise the above. I apologise that there will be a delay from the original schedule - there will be something extra included in the kit to make up for this!