June Project Updates

The Future of Noxary

Hi all,

This month I thought it was time for a more personal update, as Noxary is approaching the 5th anniversary in September. There have been lots of ups and downs during the past 5 years - almost a thousand keyboards, important lessons learnt, and many great relationships made. With 378 just being launched, now feels like a great time to briefly touch on what the future of Noxary will look like.

First up, X60 V2 will be the next release, which will coincide with the 5th anniversary. The first prototypes are already on order, which I hope to show everyone late July.

Secondly, Noxary will finally be moving into a warehouse. For all this time, I've been working from home, trying to find the balance of WFH life. It's become clear recently that Noxary & I have outgrown working like this, needing its own dedicated space. Whilst this'll speed up fulfillment, it'll also make room for even larger preorders, making Noxary keyboards accessible to even more. I expect the move to happen during July!

Third, linking in with the previous point, preorders will now become more consistent, as opposed to the seemingly random timing before. The initial aim will be every 3-4 months, with enough units available to satisfy the growing demand. I've always believed that the rush of First Come First Serve is fun, but extremely flawed; if someone wants to purchase a keyboard, they should be able to with relative ease.

Finally, a thank you to anyone that's purchased a keyboard from Noxary - whether it was an X60 V1, XRF, or 378. Every sale means a great amount to me, and I truly appreciate the support over the years.

Now back to the regular monthly update!


The preorder went live today and quickly sold out, a good success so far, but just the beginning of the adventure! The support for this project has been immense, and I hope to carry that momentum throughout the process of getting these made and eventually shipped to everyone.

268.2 Polycarbonate R3

The majority of this buy has been completed, with the final units still needing sorting to get the final A-stock kits from the B-stock pile.


Packing is mostly complete - about 80% are packed and need putting in boxes, then labelling. The other 20% require some sorting like 268.2 to produce A-stock kits.


With machining finally getting under way a couple weeks ago, we're still on schedule for the updated shipping date of August-September.

XRF Group Commission

Production is expected to be finished in the next couple of weeks.