June Project Updates

268.2 Polycarbonate Round 3

Production is well under way, and there is nothing to indicate schedule changes.

280 / 220

Boxes and PCBs are in transit and I expect to have them late this week or early next week. The first units should be sent around the start of July to test packaging, then the rest will be picked up once it's confirmed good.


Quotes have been received for the preorder, so work will now begin on renders, timeline, product page, and other things to accompany the preorder. I expect to announce the preorder date within the next couple of weeks.

Evija HG

Production has finished, and shipping is currently being arranged. Hoping to have these by the end of month, and orders delivered by mid-July.


Production is on schedule and completion is expected in another month. Expecting to get the first units delivered around mid-August.

White Polycarbonate?

New Projects - Series 3 - 378 & Valhalla

The first Series 3 prototype has been completed, and I expect to receive it soon. Series 3 will continue where the Vulcan series left off - a screwless exterior, with bottom seam, and using large o-rings for mounting.

378 is a 65% with 10 F-keys on the left side, first used on the KMAC Mini. Prototype arriving shortly.

Valhalla is a 65% ergo layout with an 8 degree alpha tilt developed from the ground up. Designed to be identical in length to a TKL, Valhalla creates a larger gap between the two halves, increasing the ergonomic benefits. Bottom row is subject to change.