July Project Updates

Moving Into The Office

For those that missed last months update, Noxary has finally moved into an office. In short, this'll be used primarily to make fulfillment quicker. Whilst the move itself went great, getting new furniture and planning the space has taken more time than I initially thought. The final pieces of furniture (shelving, desks, workbenches) should be here within the next week, so after that, it's full focus on finishing up the projects on hand.

Fullfillment Time For Current Projects

I'd like to apologise for those currently waiting on 268.2 Polycarbonate Round 3 & Evija - I've had these on hand for much longer than I anticipated. It was these two projects that made me realize that working from home just no longer cut it, so I made a plan to tackle this issue, and moved into the new workspace on pretty short notice. Deep down, I knew this was the right call, and that it had to happen eventually. I look forward to getting these projects completed, and getting the fulfillment time on future projects drastically reduced!

Update To The Update Format

And finally, from this month onwards, there will be a mention of every noxary.co project in each update post, even if there is no news. Previously, if there hasn't been an update to give, nothing was said. This lead to quite a few questions throughout the month asking if there is an update. This should put an end to the confusion on whether there truly is an update.

268.2 Polycarbonate R3

Due to the office move this month, there hasn't been any fulfillment progress on the final few boards for this buy.

To clarify the most commonly asked query - if your order hasn't been shipped, then yes, it's part of the final kits to be sorted and fulfilled.


378 has now entered the manufacturing queue, and will be produced after Valhalla, which is currently in production. It's only been a month, but still on schedule!


Just like 268.2, the office move has taken up all of my time, therefore there hasn't been any fulfillment progress.


Whilst these are being manufactured right now, August-September for shipping is looking a bit bleak with increased lead times, therefore I'll be setting a more realisitic date of November for fulfillment. For context, a previous manufacturing batch that was quoted for 3 months, ended up taking about 5 months. My apologies to those that ordered about this further delay.

XRF Group Commission

Production for these has finalized! Some other kits in this manufacturing batch are in their final steps, expected to finish any time now. Once those are done, XRF will ship to Noxary for sorting & fulfillment.

X60 V2

The first prototype has arrived! More information coming soon - for now, please see the pictures below.