July Project Updates

268.2 Polycarbonate Round 3

Production of the cases & plates has been completed, and will be sent to me shortly. White PCBs are still to be completed, and should finish on schedule. Orders without the White PCB will be shipped once all parts required arrive.

280 / 220

The remaining 280s from Batch 2 will be collected this upcoming week. Attention will now turn to the 220s, which will be fulfilled via Royal Mail soon - please keep an eye on your inbox for the shipping invoice.


The preorder starts on July 31st @ 1PM EDT.

3 colors will be available - Blue Gray, Jet Black, and Lightning Silver, along with 3 plate materials - Aluminum, Brass, and Polycarbonate.



The cases have been received - I'm very happy with how these look. Please note the colors appear darker in person. The daughterboards are still to be completed, and hopefully will be ready end of August.

10 White Polycarbonate units have been produced to be sold as in-stock. These will be FCFS and sold once the daughterboards arrive. Make sure to follow Discord & Instagram for the sale date!