January Project Updates

268.2 Polycarbonate R3

Rozakiin has now received the White PCBs, and will be programming them shortly. Once complete, these will be sent to Noxary and 268.2 fulfillment will begin.

280 / 220

Anodizing for Batch 3 is mostly complete, with a few Blue Gray parts needing to be reanodized due to color differences between the two halves. These are expected to ship before the Chinese New Year period begins on February 6th.


Anodizing is complete, and are now being packed for shipping to Noxary. These are expected to ship before the Chinese New Year period begins on February 6th.


Gladly there isn't much to report, as everything is running as expected. Production is scheduled. A pre-production PCB is on order, and is expected to arrive in a couple of weeks.

XRF Round 1

XRF Round 1 preorders are officially 100% fulfilled.

There are 8 White Polycarbonate (WK) units that will be for sale soon, ready to ship immediately. A date of sale will be announced shortly, please follow Noxary on Discord & Instagram to stay updated.

XRF Round 2

Now fulfillment of Round 1 has been completed, quotes for Round 2 will now be requested, and planning can start taking place. Please expect news in a couple of weeks about pricing, colors, and availability!

Realforce Replacement Plates

New prototype plates with strengthening to compensate for the excessive sag will be ordered shortly. If the strengthening is successful, it'll run alongside XRF Round 2. Hopefully Aluminum, Brass, and Polycarbonate plates can be offered.

It is important to make these plates compatible with the stock Realforce case, however if that cannot be realistically achieved, there may be a version that will only work with the XRF replacement case.