February Project Updates


The cases have been fully processed, and are ready to be sent out. Unfortunately the PCBs have not arrived yet, although they are due to be dispatched by the end of the month.

To summarize what happened, PCBs are ordered towards the end of the case production run. This ensures they're as up to date as possible, and odd issues can be rectified if required (such as the Valhalla PCBs). These were put "into production" November, to arrive December. I asked for an update in early January, and was told the factory was closed because of COVID-19 & Chinese New Year, but they're ready, and will be sent at the start of February. Production was not completed, only the sample, which I received early February. The sample was approved quickly, and now I've been told it'll be done by the end of the month.

I can only apologize for this needless delay, and lessons have been learnt for future PCB production.

Order changes (to plate/PCBs only) will be allowed in this downtime - you will receive a form via email shortly.

XRF (2022)

Production & packing for XRF has finished at our manufacturer, however due to space limits as previously mentioned, they have not been dispatched to us yet. Once we start shipping 378s, I will have XRF air freighted to us, and we expect a quick turnaround. For clarification, we have the daughterboards & relevant parts ready to go at our office.

X60 V2 & Evija (2022)

Issues continue to plague this production run, so the decision has been made to focus on X60 V2 as this was started first. The main issue is scratches on the sides underneath the anodizing, which only becomes apparent post-anodizing. Production will continue, but I expect a minimum delay of 3 months due to the large amount of parts needing to be remanufactured.


These are now in the production queue.