February Project Updates

268.2 Polycarbonate Round 3

Quotes have been sent off, so now it's just waiting on the factory to reopen. The 4 colors have been decided, these are: White; Pink; Blue; Purple. Renders for each color are currently being worked on, and will be in the next update. Here is a sneak preview of the Blue.

280 / 220

280/220 Batch 2 are my main priority, and will be the next thing to leave the factory. However due to the COVID-19 outbreak in China, it's currently impossible to place a completion date on pre-existing projects.

Please read that blog for more information - https://noxary.co/covid-19


The model for Evija is complete, and no further changes or prototypes will be made. I expect to run this later this year, most likely Q3.

Evija HG

Evija HG will be an early version of Evija, featuring a polished Stainless Steel base piece instead of the planned anodized Aluminum. These will also come with two plates as standard - polished Stainless Steel, and sandblasted/coated Brass. I'd like to run this to gain some user feedback before the larger Evija group buy. Keep an eye on Discord for updates, as I've requested quotes and will run fairly soon.

Vulcan Pro

I'm currently gauging interest of offering some public spots for Vulcan Pro, if you're interested, please fill out this form - form closed 2/18.

Vulcan Pro is a double o-ring mount kit, with no visible screws on the exterior, and a seam on the bottom to create a clean side profile. The PCB & plate features two slots to provide extra flex around the alphas, and is a fixed layout. The top & bottom are made of Aluminum, and Aluminum & Polycarbonate plates are available.


XRF previously held a shipping date of early April, however due to the COVID-19 outbreak within China, this has severely impacted any in progress projects. I expect backlogs to take quite some time to work through, therefore pushing back expected dates.

Please read that blog for more information - https://noxary.co/covid-19