December Project Updates

COVID-19 in Great Britain, DHL Response

A new variant of COVID-19 is spreading rapidly throughout Great Britain, therefore DHL have decided to "impose a completely delivery stop for business and private customer parcels until further notice."

For our Post and Parcel unit, we are unfortunately forced to impose a complete delivery stop for business and private customer parcels as well as goods-bearing letters to Great Britain and Ireland with immediate effect until further notice. Unfortunately, due to a lack of storage capacity, we have to return consignments with goods content and bulky goods to the senders.

Currently there are two packages being held by DHL, and it's not clear what will happen with them. The 1st package has the new screws required for the remaining XRF units. The 2nd package contains the new Blue Gray samples, relevant to 280/220 & Evija. Hopefully these are held for a short period whilst stabilize a bit, however there is a decent risk they'll be sent back to the sender. If this is the case, a different express service will be used.

268.2 Polycarbonate R3

The re-production of the RGB PCBs in the correct color, White, has finished and will be sent to Rozakiin for QC and flashing shortly.

The new Purple boards are nearing the end of production, and are expected to be finished mid January.

280 / 220

The two Blue Gray samples pictured are currently in transit to Noxary. The bottom case is slightly darker, and is likely to be the chosen color. The sample that was sent is very close to the darker case, and I believe this color is perfect. Due to the COVID-19/DHL situation, there is no ETA on when the samples will arrive, and when approval for the remaining Blue Gray cases will be given.

The other parts in Batch 3, such as Weights and Jet Black/Pink Aluminum parts have finished.


The anodizing for Jet Black & Lightning Silver has been completed, and the White Polycarbonate boards are almost done.

As above, the Blue Gray samples are stuck with DHL. Once the color is approved, anodizing the remaining cases is the last step.


XRF is now 60% fulfilled, with the other 40% ready for the new screws. Unfortunately the new screws are currently in shipping limbo, as noted above with the COVID-19/DHL situation.