August Project Updates

268.2 Polycarbonate R3

Sorting on the B-stock units has finally began, and should be complete early next week. Once these units are combined to make A-stock units, the final orders of the preorder will be fulfilled.


There is no change to the current preorder schedule.


Packing has finally started, currently about half way through. B-stock units are also being sorted to make A-stock units.

I have decided to produce some matching polycarbonate wrist rests for Evija - these will be sent to Evija owners free of charge as an apology for the long fulfillment period. Thank you to those that were patient throughout!


Nothing has changed since the last update, still on track for November.

XRF Group Commission

The units have been received, and will be sorted, quality checked, and packed throughout September.

X60 V2

Currently targetting mid-November for the preorder - make sure to check out the Noxary Discord server for more information.