August Project Updates

268.2 Polycarbonate Round 3

The cases & plates have arrived! Orders without a White PCB will be fulfilled early September. The White PCBs are in production and are expected to finish mid September. These will be sent to Rozakiin for programming, then sent to Noxary for preorder fulfillment.

280 / 220

All Batch 2 280s have been delivered. The Batch 2 220s will be fulfilled by the end of August.

Batch 3 is now in production, these should take around 3 months to complete.


Evija is now in production, and should take around 3 months to be completed.

A couple extra Brass bases will be produced, please fill out a commission form if you are interested in adding this to your order.
All spots filled and order placed.

Vulcan Pro & X60 V2

Vulcan Pro is a double o-ring mount kit, with no visible screws on the exterior, and a seam on the bottom to create a clean side profile. The PCB & plate features two slots to provide extra flex around the alphas, and is a fixed layout. The top & bottom are made of Aluminum, and Aluminum & Polycarbonate plates are available.

The successor to Vulcan Pro will be called X60 V2, and should be available Q4 2020. Further details will be announced in the coming weeks, so make sure to follow on Discord & Instagram.


The cases are ready to be fulfilled, however unfortunately the daughterboards haven't finished production. Hopefully these will be ready by the end of September, however it's hard to put a definite date on this as it's out of our control.

9 White Polycarbonate units will be available for immediate fulfillment once the daughterboards arrive, please follow Discord & Instagram to find out when the sale date is announced.