April Project Updates

268.2 Polycarbonate Round 3

This will be available to preorder on May 1st, please visit the preorder guide for more information on this project.


280 / 220

Batch 2 has now entered anodizing. Hoping to see these in May, however it's still difficult to say. The second and final batch of PCBs (275 total) have arrived with Rozakiin, and are now going through programming & testing.


A new style page is being worked on for this and a few other current & future projects. It'll display all information with some renders, along with some technical information. These should be up at the end of the month.

Evija will most likely run after XRF has completed, which is looking like June/July. Make sure to follow Noxary on Instagram or join the Discord server to keep up with the smaller updates.

Realforce Plates

Finally tested the prototype Brass plate, which works great. No issues with screws or housings were encountered, however the plate sags in the middle due to the heavier components used in a Realforce, plus the plate being 1.2mm. If brass has issues, more flexible materials like Polycarbonate and POM will also have issues, so a solution will be found before any sort of public run.


As 280 / 220 Batch 2 is coming to completion, these will enter the production phase and hopefully be ready in June.