Preorder Announcement: X60 V2 5th Anniversary Edition - October 11th at 1PM EDT/5PM UTC

X60 V2 5th Anniversary Edition is a special release to mark 5 years of Noxary. Based on X60 V2, the 5th Anniversary Edition features an engraving noting the occasion with the original fonts used on X60 V1, and each weight is individually numbered from 01 to 30.

X60 V2 is the third release of Series 3 - featuring the DUAL V2 Mounting system, Noxary LEDGE, no external screws, and a seamless case design. X60 V2 is the first in this Series to utilize a large Brass through-weight, which uses the Noxary text logo.

Priced at $575, there will be up to 30 units available, however some have been assigned to original X60 V1 & X60 R owners. Extra plates & PCBs are also available to purchase. The expected lead time is 12 months.

This edition is available in 3 colors - Irish Green, Lightning Silver, and Meteorite Gray. The kit will come with a Hyper Red plate, with 5mm Polycarbonate and Brass available in addition. Buyers may choose between a Winkey or Winkeyless top piece.

Unlike previous Noxary releases, X60 V2 5th Anniversary Edition will be sold via a raffle. Starting October 11th at 1PM EDT/5PM UTC, the raffle will be open for 24 hours to enter. Winners will be invoiced through Shopify, and are expected to pay within 24 hours. Numbers will be randomly assigned, and swapping is not possible.

Please note that the general release for X60 V2 is in the works, so this isn't the only chance to get one! Samples for streamers are currently being prepared. There will be 150-200 units available via FCFS once this launches.

Please click here to visit the Preorder page.