Preorder Announcement: X60 V2 - December 20th at 1PM EST/6PM UTC

The general release for X60 V2 is here.

X60 V2 is the third design of Series 3 - featuring the DUAL V2 Mounting system, Noxary LEDGE, no external screws, and a seamless case design. X60 V2 is the first in this Series to utilize a large Brass through-weight, which uses the Noxary text logo.

This release features 3 colors - Irish Green, Lightning Silver, and Meteorite Gray. Kits may be purchased with either a Hyper Red or 5mm Polycarbonate plate, with Brass available only as an extra. The top piece comes in either Winkey or Winkeyless.

The preorder will begin on December 20th at 1PM EST. Please read the Buyers Guide for more information on how Noxary operates a FCFS sale. There will be 300 units available, starting at $540 each. Extra plates & PCBs are also available to purchase. The expected lead time is 10 months - updates are published every month & can be found here.

Further renders showcasing the other colors will be revealed shortly, whilst Lulzthax will be creating some content with their kit before the launch.

Please click here to visit the Preorder page.