Group Commission Announcement: Evija (2022) - 7/16 through 7/31

2022 sees the return of Evija, run as a Group Commission organized with the Noxary Discord server. Evija is a premium housing for the HHKB Professional 2, utilizing the same construction method as a Realforce. The 2022 model has been refined into an even better package, whilst keeping the same fundamental looks & concept.

This will be available 7/16 through 7/31, with a MOQ of 15 per variant, and no upper limit. Kits start at $450, and are expected to ship in 8 months.


  • Lightning Silver (Aluminum)
  • Noxary Pink (Aluminum)
  • Pink Frost (Polycarbonate)
  • Smoke Gray (Polycarbonate)

Please note: Orders may NOT be modified once placed. The Brass Base Upgrade/Additional product (link in Evija description) must be in the same order as the main kit.

Please click here to visit the product page.