Sale Announcement: 378 Extras - January 4th

378 is the second installment in Series 3 of Noxary design. Featuring DUAL V2 Mount, Noxary LEDGE, no visible screws, seamless case design, and now, a new rear curve.

This sale features all 6 configurations - the 3 finishes Hyper Red, Lightning Silver, and Meteorite Gray - for both the Standard and Brass Editions. There will be 36 units combined, and you'll be able to choose between the default 2 plate options. Additional PCBs and plates may be purchased.

The extras will go live on January 4th at 1PM Eastern. These units are currently in transit to Noxary, and are expected to start shipping next month. Prices start at $500 with Aluminum plates, and $530 with the 5mm Polycarbonate plate. The Brass Editions are $770 and $800 respectively.

Please click here to visit the collection page.